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About Us

Empowering the Marginalized

We exist to serve those who have been called to ministry by providing quality theological education to the underserved in the community at large. Having realized that transformational leadership often comes from the fringes of society, our goal is to be a catalyst in producing well-trained Kingdom servants who are equally well-experienced in deep spirituality. If you identify with the experiences of immigrants, minorities, and the marginalized; consider joining us for an experience of a life time.  

Expecting the Extraordinary

One has described Southern Reformed College and Seminary as “a one-of-a-kind Christian ministry training center, a place where you can EXPECT THE EXTRAORDINARY.”   

  • We are EXTRAORDINARY because Southern Reformed was founded for the express purpose of being ministry training of Biblical education for ethnic minorities and thus provides for various cultural and racial cross-over growth experiences.  
  • We are EXTRAORDINARY because, while most American schools of higher education expect students to study and write in English, SRCS permits students to learn and respond in their own native language (presently Korean, Spanish and English).  
  • We are EXTRAORDINARY because we are openly multi-denominational in nature desiring each student to develop their own set of Biblical values, beliefs and practices while at the same time being sensitive to other theological perspectives.  
  • We are EXTRAORDINARY because of our “schedule friendly” concern for working students and the stresses of urban living. 
  • We are EXTRAORDINARY because of our multi-extension teaching sites to provide easily accessible  locations throughout Houston metropolitan area.
  • We are EXTRAORDINARY because our entire faculty, staff and trustees are firmly committed to the evangelical position that Jesus is Lord and openly identify as being children of the Reformation, saved by grace through faith, and not by good works or spiritual performance. 
  • We are EXTRAORDINARY because we are committed to quality education and are quickly moving forward with the Association for Biblical Higher Education as our accrediting agency.   

Come and experience these EXTRAORDINARY features of Southern Reformed for yourself.

Our Approach

Scriptural Approach


As children of the Reformation, our convictions are deeply rooted in the teachings of the Reformers. As such, our desire is to be consistently faithful to the principle of Sola Scriptura, while neither being extremely rationalistic nor overtly experiential in our approach to the Word of God and the Christian life. Thus, our way to understanding God's Word is by employing the hermeneutic of Scripture Interprets Scripture as we embrace the whole counsel of God.

Relational Approach


In addition, our theological ethos could be best described by the slogan "In Essentials, Unity; In Non-Essentials, Liberty; In All Things, Charity." We are, therefore, committed to speaking the truth in love and carefully balancing theological conviction with Christ-like humility. Because of these distinctives, Southern Reformed adheres to a broad spectrum of Reformed articulations and practices. The following are some of our heroes:

Jonathan Edwards, a New Light Puritan pastor-theologian who penned Religious Affections during the First Great Awakening, inspiring all his future admirers to strive like him to embrace both manifestations of the Spirit's power and biblical knowledge. 

George Whitefield, an Anglican minister, who co-founded the Methodist movement with the Wesley brothers during the revivals of the Great Awakening by setting an exemplary life of walking in unity for the sake of the gospel while holding firmly to his Reformed theological convictions. 

Charles Spurgeon, a Reformed Baptist preacher of the 19th Century who strove for the ideal that is often elusive for many, that is, being both intellectually accomplished and open to the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Incarnational Approach


Finally, Southern Reformed believes that being truly Reformed entails, "Always Reforming" (Semper Reformanda) by biblically applying the infallible Word in today's context by creating, engaging, redeeming, and transforming culture without accommodating unredeemed or unredeemable worldly practices and philosophies. In order to do this, we are committed to warm, friendly dialogue with all ecclesiastical stance and theological systems within the wider evangelical community. 

Faith Statements

We embrace all elements of Reformed articulations from the sound evangelical teachings of Anglicans (i.e. CS Lewis), Methodists (i.e. Martin Lloyd-Jones), Presbyterians (i.e. Tim Keller, Francis Schaeffer), Baptists (John Piper, Al Mohler), Congregationalists (i.e. Harold Ockenga), Dispensationalists (i.e. John MacArthur), and Charismatics (i.e. Wayne Grudem).

The Five Solas (pdf)


The Five Points (pdf)



Southern Reformed College and Seminary holds the Candidate Status with the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation, 5850 T. G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130, Orlando, FL 32822, (407) 207-0808.  The ABHE is one of the four na­tion­al faith-re­lat­ed ac­cred­it­ing or­ga­ni­za­tions for re­li­gious schools and sem­i­nar­ies that are rec­og­nized by the Unit­ed States Depart­ment of Ed­u­ca­tion (USDE) and the Coun­cil for Higher Ed­u­ca­tion Ac­cred­i­ta­tion (CHEA). 

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