Academic Announcements


Daniel Bang

Professor Emeritus in Biblical Hermeneutics


PhD Trinity Theological Seminary (IN)

STM Dallas Theological Seminary

BD Presbyterian Theological Seminary

BA Sungkyunkwan University

Terry Curtis

Professor Emeritus in Pastoral Theology


DMin Calif. Graduate School of Theology

MA California Graduate School of Theology

BS Olivet Nazarene University

Former Director of DMin

 Houston Graduate  School of Theology

Norberto Gomez

Professor of Multicultural Leadership


DMin Houston Graduate School of Theology

MDiv Master's Graduate School of Theology

BCIS East Texas Baptist University

Steve W. Hall

Assistant Professor of Ministry


DMin Houston Graduate School of Theology 

MDiv Houston Graduate School of Theology

BA Prairie View A & M University

David Puig-Jordan

Associate Professor of Christian Theology


PhD University of Hamburg

PhD (Course Work) University of Havana

MTh Theological Seminary of Matanzas

BTh Theological Seminary of Matanzas

Adjunct Faculty

Fuller Theological Seminary

Austin Theological Seminary

Bright MC Jung

Assistant Professor of Historical Theology


DMin Golden Gate Theological Seminary

MDiv Southwestern Theological Seminary

BA Korea Baptist Theological College

Hee Kee Kim

Assistant Professor of Physical Science


PhD Kangwon National University

MS Kangwon National University

BS Kangwon National University


University of Texas,

MD Anderson School of Medicine

Jacob Chulsung Kim

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology


PhD Temple University

MA Seoul National University

MDiv Westminster Theological Seminary

BA Dickinson College

Faculty at Temple University

Ryan C. G. Kim

Adjunct Faculty of Education & Preaching



PhD Candidate London School of Theology

MEd Endicott College

ThM Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

MDiv Harvard Divinity School

BA University of Alabama

BA Chongshin University

Suk In Kim

Professor of Biblical Theology

(Honorably Retired)


DMin Fuller Theological Seminary

MA Fuller Theological Seminary

MDiv St. Thomas University

BA Presbyterian Theological College

Barbara LaToison

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Methodist Episcopal

DMin Southern Reformed Seminary

MDiv Houston Graduate School of Theology

BA Arkansas University

In Seung Lee

Associate Professor of Practical Theology


DIcs Southern Reformed Seminary

MDiv Houston Graduate School of Theology

BD Chongshin Theological Seminary

BA Chongshin College

James A. Lee

Professor of Missiology


DMin Princeton Theological Seminary

MDiv Westminster Theological Seminary

BA University of California, Los Angeles

Adjunct Faculty

William Carey Int'l University (2011-2015)

Missionary to China (2001-2011)

Kyung Hun Lee

Associate Professor of Homiletics


PhD Southwestern Theological Seminary

DMin Fuller Theological Seminary

ThM Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

MA Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

MDiv Chongshin Theological Seminary

BA Kyungsung University

Soo Lee

Adjunct Faculty of Christian Art Counseling


MA Fuller Theological Seminary

BFA George Mason University

Tyler School of Art

Lecturer, University of the Nations

Ladislao Robinson

Assistant Professor of Chaplaincy Care


DMin Southwestern Theological Seminary

MA  Universidad de San Buenaventura 

BS  Universidad de San Buenaventura 

BTh  Seminario Teologico Bautista Int'l 

Edward Y. Song

Professor of Systematic Theology


DMin Columbia Theological Seminary

ThM Columbia Theological Seminary

MDiv Boston University

BTh Boston University 

Jacques D. Denkins

Adjunct Faculty of Bible & Ministry


DMin (In Progress), United Theo. Seminary

MDiv Southwestern Theological Seminary

Advanced Diploma Southwestern Seminary

Quincy B. Rodgers

Adjunct Faculty of Theology & Ministry


DMin Houston Graduate School of Theology

MDiv Houston Graduate School of Theology

BA Texas Southern University

Kenneth R. Washington

Adjunct Faculty of Practical Ministry

DMin Houston Graduate School of Theology 

MDiv Southwestern Theological Seminary

BS University of Houston

Featured Faculty Publications

On Charismatic Practices from a Reformed Perspective

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Author: James A. Lee

Race and Poverty in the Americas

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Author: Jacob Kim

On Multiculturalism and the Immigrant Church

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Author: James A. Lee

Preaching and the Theological Imagination

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Contributor: Ryan C. G. Kim

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Houston Grad School of Theology


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Lanier Theological Library


A good collection of theological books can be found in this private library in Houston, which is open to the public. Books, however, may not be checked out. Click the above photo or here for the website.


With a local public library card, anyone can access TexShare member libraries (over 500 in Texas) in the Houston area including Houston Baptist University, College of Biblical Studies, University of Saint Thomas, University of Houston, Rice University, Houston Community College, and Houston Public Library.

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