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Scholarship Policy

 The purpose of scholarship is to assist the students who are in need of financial assistance and also to encourage the students to give back to the school during their studies. 

1. In order to receive scholarship, the student:

  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • Must have registered on time. 
  • Must not have outstanding fees. 
  • Must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 for graduates and 2.5 for undergraduates. 
  • Must be re-evaluated for the eligibility for scholarship each year.

2. Student receiving scholarship are required to the following: 

  • A. Scholarship students must be present in all school function especially the Opening and Closing 
  •  Convocations, Graduation Ceremony, and other school worship services.   
  • B. Scholarship students are asked to volunteer for various school related works, events and functions.   

3. The final scholarship amount will be determined by the scholarship committee upon thorough review. Below is the scholarship guideline the committee follows:

  • Eligible full-time (12 credits+) students can receive up to 50% of their tuition as scholarship.
  • Eligible half-time (6-11 credits) students can receive up to 25% of their tuition as scholarship.
  • There is no scholarship for part-time (1-5 credits) students.

4. If not all the requested information is provided (see below), the scholarship committee can decide to not award scholarship.

  • Monthly income information
  • The most recent tax-returns (if requested)
  • The most recent bank statements (if requested)

5. Students who need further financial assistant will be given the option of installment payments and/or student loan program from the seminary which can be paid before or shortly after graduation.

6. There is no summer/winter/independent studies/private lesson scholarships.

7. There is no scholarship program currently for international students.


Financial Aid Forms

Scholarship Policy and Form (pdf)


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