Baptist Leadership Institute



Baptist Leadership Institute (BLI), under the oversight of the Urban Program (UP) at Southern Reformed Seminary (SRS), seeks to come alongside the local churches to assist in the equipping of the laity, pastoral candidates, as well as the clergy to provide leadership training for the edification of the church.


BLI workshops, seminars, and courses (5-15 weeks long) seek to provide seminary certificates for various leadership training programs. 

Pastoral Leadership Training

BLI training includes the following pastoral leadership courses. 


· Pastoral Ordination Course

· Church Growth Seminar

· Church Planting Seminar

· Preaching Seminar

· Pastoral Counseling

· Pastors’ Wives Seminar

Lay Ministers' Training

BLI training includes the following lay leadership courses. 


· Deacon Ordination Course

· Small Group Leaders Seminar

· Bible Study Leaders Seminar

· Mercy Ministry Seminar

· Evangelism Seminar

· Stewardship Seminar

Enrollment & Credits

Should a BLI participant decides to apply for a degree program at SRS, some BLI courses maybe eligible for credit toward a degree.

SRS students are able to register for BLI courses and seminars to receive credit toward graduation.


For more information, contact the Dean of Urban Program (Dr. Steve W. Hall) at <>.