Capital Campaign 2019


An Invitation

Since its founding in 2008, Southern Reformed College and Seminary has been striving to make a difference for the local community and church through biblical higher education. Having been accredited by a federally-recognized agency in 2019, we are now on the threshold of a new phase of institutional growth and development. To coincide with this new-found enthusiasm and renewed expectations of divine blessing, Southern Reformed is launching a visionary campaign to advance the cause of the gospel through training committed servants for the Kingdom of God. As part of a long-term vision to establish a permanent site for our academic and spiritual endeavors, we are prayerfully and boldly stepping out in faith for divine provision and guidance. Since this important work must be done in collaboration with like-minded partners, we are sending out a call to action to all those who are led by the Spirit to come together to earnestly seek God together. As you read through this plan, would you ask the Lord of Harvest if you are one of those who have been chosen to participate in this worthy endeavor?

Dr. James A. Lee


Campaign Overview


Campaign One

Student Scholarship – $50,000

  • Campaign Objective 
  • Create endowed scholarships, support existing scholarships, and expand student awards in support of education, research, and service.

Campaign Two

Faculty Support – $50,000

  • Campaign Objective
  • Endow faculty chairs, professorships, and fellowships to support faculty teaching, research, and service.

Campaign Three

Library Development – $50,000

  • Campaign Objective
  • Update library furnishing, equipment, resources, and services.

Campaign Four

Capital Improvement – $350,000

  • Campaign Objective
  • Create new facilities that include a campus with chapel, library, and admin center done in three phases.

Total Fundraising Goal

Phase One – $500,000 


Donation Types & Benefits

Founder’s Fellows – 100K Donation ($10K/month for 10 months or $5K/month for 20 months)

  • Building Naming Privileges
  • Eligible for Board of Trustees or Board of Reference
  • Eligible for honorary doctorate

Chairman’s Circle – 50K (5K/month for 10 months or 2.5K/month for 20 months)

  • Faculty Chair/Professorship Naming Privileges
  • Eligible for Board of Trustees or Board of Reference 

President’s Patrons – 10K (1K/month for 10 months or $500/month for 20 months)

  • Wall Plaque
  • Eligible for Board of Reference

Partners - 5K ($500/month for 10 month or $250/month for 20 months)

  • Wall Plaque
  • School Website Donor List

Colleagues – 1K ($100/month for 10 months)

  • School Website Donor List

Associates - $500

  • School Website Donor List

Peers - $100

  • School Website Donor List


Learn More

For more information, download the Capital Campaign & Strategic Plan below by clicking the button.

Donor List

President's Patrons (10K - 49K)

President's Patrons (10K - 49K)

President's Patrons (10K - 49K)


Andrew & Michelle Lee (TX)

Sarah Lee (TX)

Hallelujah Community Church (Daniel Kim, Korea)

Hebron Presbyterian Church (Chris Lim, IL)

Partners (5K - 9K)

President's Patrons (10K - 49K)

President's Patrons (10K - 49K)


James & Soo Lee (TX)

Joyful Church of Texas (Sungho Kim)

Waco Chinese Church (TX)

Colleagues (1K - 4 K)

President's Patrons (10K - 49K)

Associates ($500 - $999)


Hoon Ku Lee (TX)

Myung Ja Lee (TX)

Soon Ki Hong (TX)

Grace & Bright Jung (TX)

New Life Church of Houston (Edward Song)

My Father's House (CA)

Learning Institute of Texas (Robert Park)

Hanbit Church (Youngrak Jung, TX)

Associates ($500 - $999)

Associates ($500 - $999)

Associates ($500 - $999)


In Seung Lee (TX)

Shawn Kang (TX)

Peers ($100 - $499)

Associates ($500 - $999)

Peers ($100 - $499)


Gerald Fields (TX)

Kenneth Washington (TX)

Jackson Lee (TX)

Anonymous (GA)

Todd Unrath (TX)

Candice & Jon-Michael Bergeron

Steve Hall (TX)

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Payment Methods

You may send your tax-deductible donation payable to Southern Reformed Seminary and mail to: 

26111 Beckendorff Road, Katy TX 77493

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Thank you and God bless!

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